APPLY: 2022 Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program for Young African Developers

The purpose of this program is to constantly connect with aspiring and existing developers to help them become professional developers with skills that can give them opportunities after the program.

To continue to progress through the sessions to gain access to more courses and mentorship, you will need to prove you are devoted to learn these technological skills. You can do this by:

  • Register for your selected track
  • Complete all requirements to progress to the next phase
  • Participate in Andela challenges and meetings whenever you can

Advancing to each subsequent phase will help you master in-demand Google developer skills with expertly written Pluralsight content. You will gain skills that can help you get opportunities after the program.

Learners who complete the program may be eligible for an opportunity to Take an Android Developer Associate or Associate Cloud Engineer Google Certification Exam with the certification exam fee paid by Google.

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